What you can do:

  • Get on our e-mail list, since some opportunities are announced on a short notice.
  • Volunteer specifically when called, or when an e-mail announcement arrives.

The Band Boosters organization operates through volunteer activities.  Band parents, new and old, are urged to get involved and to help out.  Please get in touch with us…we’ll be glad to match you up with a fun but urgently needed job!

Outsiders rarely are aware of the full range of jobs that must be done for the band to operate.  Students and band staff have very full schedules that focus on learning and improving drill and music.  These efforts involve real personal sacrifice, but do provide enormous personal growth opportunities as well.

The professional band staff make many of the plans for the band.  However, they truly cannot perform all the ancillary jobs needed to put the band on the field, nor can the band members themselves.  Parents must step up and participate as well.  It sometimes seems to take four full years of band participation for parents to become aware of all the behind the scenes work that is done.  It speaks highly of our parents that many parents of band alumni remain active in the band boosters, even though they no longer have students in the band.  They’ve learned how much work must be done, and they know how beneficial it is for the students. Of course, the bulk of the Band Boosters active membership is the parents of current band members.

Several opportunities are available. Please feel free to ask any current Board Member.