The Pride of Salem does fundraisers throughout the year including the Southwest Virginia Summer Music Games in the summer, fruit & nut sales in the fall, and basketball concessions in the winter. All proceeds raised during these events are used to support the Pride of Salem by purchasing new instruments, funding instrument repairs, covering travel costs to and from competitions and events, purchasing food for the band, purchasing and repairing uniforms, and much more.


  • Sales begin immediately and will close on May 8
  • Order Forms should be emailed to Mr. Wright on May 8. Form is attached to this email.
  • Strawberries will be available for pickup on May 12 at Spartan Field Parking Lot in front of Salem High School
  • Students can take orders by phone, email or social media.  NO IN PERSON SALES (unless they live with you)
  • Cash/Check (Made Payable to Salem Band Boosters) 
  • IF you have customers who would like to pay using Paypal, please share this link
  • IF they pay through PayPal, they must send an email to and include name, contact information, order information and name of student they are buying from and attach copy of receipt. 
  • All orders are to be picked up by the band student and delivered to the customer.
  • Orders can be picked up on May 12 in the parking lot of the Spartan Field in front of Salem High School. Time will be emailed closer to date.
  • Payment can be dropped off in an envelope with a copy of the order form when the strawberries are picked up.
  • You will pull up to the pick up site, drop off payment and Mr. Wright will load the strawberries in your vehicle.  No one will need to get out of the vehicle. SOCIAL DISTANCING RULES APPLY.  
  • Please remember to work out social distancing logistics with your customers before order delivery. 
  • Order form can be found on the Salem Band Booster Facebook Page.  If you receive our weekly emails, a form was attached to email information about the Strawberry Fundraiser sent out on April 29.