The Pride of Salem does fundraisers throughout the year including the Southwest Virginia Summer Music Games in the summer, fruit & nut sales in the fall, and basketball concessions in the winter. All proceeds raised during these events are used to support the Pride of Salem by purchasing new instruments, funding instrument repairs, covering travel costs to and from competitions and events, purchasing food for the band, purchasing and repairing uniforms, and much more.

To offset some of your costs of the Philadelphia trip, we are offering you the opportunity to earn volunteer credits for specific fundraising events and concessions. Each credit equates to $5 per hour, and a maximum of 10 volunteer credits will be available for each marching band student.

Volunteer slots are limited for some events. At this time, the following are eligible. Please click the link to signup:

Basketball and Adam Ward Classic Concessions

You can also find volunteer links on our Facebook page.
Please reach out to any Salem Band Boosters board member if you have questions.